Chemo Rated 4Mil Blue Nitrile/Vinyl Exam Gloves


In Stock Now!! $50 per Case

The benefits of nitrile. The pricing and durability of vinyl.

4mil, Chemo Rated Exam Glove 510K, Chemo testing and Specs in downloads.

Revolutionary new formulation of vinyl-based hybrid material, containing nitrile, with elastic and strong “bones” with enhanced tactile sensitivity and a practical barrier of protection for a wide range of applications. They are also a good alternative for those suffering from Type Ⅰ allergies.

• Brand new product
• DOP, DEHP-free
• No latex proteins
• Low allergy potential
• Comfort conforming fit
• Extra strength barrier
• Enhanced tactile sensitivity
• Economical protection
• Resists acid, alkali & oil
• 100 gloves per box

4550 cases in our Ohio warehouse

Sold in cases: 1 Case consists of 10 boxes of 100 gloves = 1000 gloves a case

Size breakdown in Cases:

Small- 250

Medium- 1500

Large- 1500

XL- 1300

Establishment Registration & Device Listing (Establishment_Registration___Device_Listing.pdf, 98 Kb) [Download]

Spec Sheet (Specifications_of_SynMax_Vinyl_Glove_-blue.pdf, 549 Kb) [Download]

Test Report (ASTM_D6978_Chemo-_Synmax-TestReport.pdf, 2,852 Kb) [Download]

Chemical Test (chemical-test.pdf, 595 Kb) [Download]

Microbiological Test 10-2020 (microbiological-test-October2020.pdf, 500 Kb) [Download]

Microbiological Test 11-2020 (microbiological-test-November2020.pdf, 456 Kb) [Download]